What Does Education Reform Really Mean?

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We are asked why we battle Gov. Martinez and her Secretary of Education designee Hanna Skandera and their education platform. This is our Answer to that Question: ReformInNM_presentation, Final

And now, we focus on the 2014 gubernatorial election, which pits incumbent Gov. Susana Martinez against Democrat Gary King. Stand4KidsNM stands proudly with King. Why?

king and greg

1. Gary King believes as we do that the constitution requires a qualified educator to hold the position of Secretary of Education. Hanna Skandera is a policy wonk. She is not an educator.

2. Gary King believes as we do that the testing nightmare imposed on kids is wrong. There are social solutions to improving education. With New Mexico ranked 49th in child welfare under Gov. Martinez (KidsCount), we must address poverty in our state in tandem with solid education policies that help our students.

3. Gary King is opposed to rating teachers based on a Value Added Model, or VAM, that uses student test scores to grade teachers.

Join King and Stand4KidsNM. Let’s change the current deforms that put our taxpayer dollars into the hands of corporations that are raking in millions to test our children and demoralize our teachers. Let’s say NO to Martinez and Skandera TOGETHER.

Learn more about Gary King here: http://www.garykingforgovernor.com/


Also, you may want to read more about what Stand4KidsNM did during the recent legislative session in January. Read our daily letters to lawmakers here. They really sum up the issues we face as parents, teachers and students: S4KNM_emails_Legislative Session 2014

And here are documents that explain the budget and why we oppose more of our taxpayer dollars going to the Public Education Department:

Below the Line Spending by the Public Education Department: PED Language_SB313_final budget

Above the Line Spending for Districts: Public School Support_SB313_final

Table of SB313, the state budget: sb313 Table

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