OPT OUT of End of Course Exams – How to & Links

End of Course Exams will be administered to our APS 4-12 graders in the next two weeks. OPT OUT NOW!

For Students in 4-8 grades: Opting Out has NO consequences for your child’s grade, placement next year in any class, etc. It is a tool that will be used ONLY to grade your teacher on a faulty math model called the Value Added Formula.Statisticians Slam Faulty Vam.

For Students in Grade 9-12: Students must earn 25 credits AND prove competency in in English, Math, Science, History and Writing. Opt Out safely from EOCs in the fine arts, P.E., electives, languages. But do not opt out of any End of Course exams related to the above five subject areas! Ask your student’s counselor for more information on your student and what he/she needs to earn that diploma.

Here is the Exemption Form for Opting Out in English: UPDATED_Parental_Exemption_Form_2013-2014

Here is the Exemption Form for Opting Out in Spanish Spanish_Updated_2013-2014ParentalExemptionForm

Fill this form out and send it to the principal, assistant principal, your student’s teacher and APS’ director of Student Support Services, Toby Herrera: herrera_toby@aps.edu

More information:

In addition, this memo from PED _ dec. 2, 2013 also outlines more information about which End of Course exams (bolded) are a possible requirement for your high school student to earn a diploma. The End of Course exams that are not bolded are those that will be administered to your APS student if he/she is taking the class, will NOT count toward your student’s grade and will be used only for evaluating your student’s teacher. This memo from the Public Education Department is quite helpful in guiding your decision.

Here is some information for parents of elementary, middle and high school students: Opt Out Letters to parents

  •  NM Refuse the Tests: Parents, you have many questions about these new state reforms. Yes!  You can refuse the Standards-Based Assessments and other standardized tests in New Mexico.
  • PASS New Mexico: People Against the Standardization of Students is based out of Las Cruces and is another community of parents, teachers and administrators fighting reforms in the southern part of the state.