N.M. Facebook Activism Against Gov. Martinez Ed Reforms

Around New Mexico, parents, teachers and citizens are standing up to the millions of dollars that Gov. Martinez spends to fool the public into believing her education testing and evaluation policies are successful.

We know better. So here is a compilation of all the groups in New Mexico who are using free social media to speak out and spread the word of truth about the insidious reforms that are using tests to destroy public education:

1. PASS NM in Las Cruces

2. TNT in Las Cruces (Teaching Not Testing)

3. Stop Common Core in Farmington

4. Terminate Toxic Testing

5. Shout for NM Teachers in Albuquerque

6. Stop Common Core in Santa Fe

7. Democrats Against Common Core

8. NM Refuse the Tests

9. Stop Common Core in New Mexico

10. Stop Common Core in Carlsbad

11. And this web site by PTEC-NM (Parents and Teachers for an Educated Community)

12. Student Union to Promote Education Reform (SUPER)



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